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A year with Flaming Fairy - Flaming Fairy

About A year with Flaming Fairy

Previous Entry A year with Flaming Fairy Dec. 11th, 2009 @ 08:06 am Next Entry
Being a digest of the first posts of every month since the year began and updates, where applicable. Here be ye entries: -

Resolutions: -

- to continue to lose weight
- to start writing poetry again

Both of which will, I believe, increase my mental wellbeing.
Update: I stopped writing poetry in October because I got fed up with it and I am slowly creeping up the scales again.

The usual monthly visit to the old man. Soap opera goings on in the family - sister is now fucking her ex-husband behind her current husband's back. Ex-husband's current wife is not the most stable of individuals; sister's current husband not the wellest of people either so the fallout should be - well - "interesting" is about the blandest euphemism for a complete fucking nightmare that I can think of. I've told sis she's a fucking idiot. She knows it. Sheesh, what a mess!
Update: she's still fucking him!

According to an online quiz, I'm on the brink of burnout, which probably explains the deep tiredness I whined about in a previous post. My week's schedule being more packed than a Catholic primary school is not helping matters in the slightest. I am determined to take Wednesday as annual leave, which means severely squishing some of the other stuff in but Lord knows I need just a little bit of time to myself.
Update: I got some time to myself but it never seems to be enough!

I've decided to stop reading Harry's Place which, in spite of the fact that there are plenty plenty other issues in this country, still obsesses about Israel/Palestine, Islamist wankers and Venezuela to the point of extreme tedium. I'm sure they'll miss my non-contributions.
Update: I still go there, and now I tend to make more comments than before, so this didn't exactly work out LOL.

What a thrill!
A woman instead of a man!
And what's more, one
Who's Scottish, Catholic, a sometime dyke
And solid working class stock.
I like!

Simon Armitage can get on his bike
Roger McGough can sod off.
It's not that I've got any animus here
But a Poet Laureate who's female and queer,
In Britain, 2009 - it's about bloody time!
It's good for the country and poetry too
That the long long line
From Dryden to now of middle-aged middle class blokes
Was broke.

Woohoo, you go girl!
And when
You pen
Your ode to the sale of a royal commode
Or the Queen's new dress
Or the wedding of one of the minor princesses
We, your constituency,
The gals, the gays, those who have it both ways
Or no way at all will be of immense good cheer.
So here,
Raise a glass to a classy dame:
Our new
Hey Carol, your name's in the frame
The drinks are on you.

RIP Danny

So my darling PC is still with the nice doctor-man, and I'm still having to use HL's Mac, hence the dearth of posting because I don't like HL's Mac. But a few thoughts: -

- I really hate Charlie on BB10

- I really hate marking

- I could also quite cheerfully do without this fucking heat

That is all.
Update: I still hate Charlie from BB10, still hate marking and am loving the cold weather.

Someone called Dan Lacey has painted a series of portraits of the Prez, bollock naked, with a unicorn. You can see the full range here.

I'm always "discovering" things way way later than anyone else. I've just "discovered" how pure dead brilliant CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is. I shall also be "discovering" its other manifestations, the CSIs NY and Miami. Given my love for crime fiction and crime drama, you would've thought I'd have "discovered" them a long time ago, but I am a bear of little brain it would seem.
Update: We now have a bejillion old episodes of CSI backed up on our digibox. I must get round to watching them sometime soon

Once more, I am off to the haemorrhoid on London's bunghole to attend a meeting that will drag on for four tedious hours before deciding nothing except to have another meeting.

Tomorrow, I am going to my friend, Sam's puppy shower. Yes, it's a baby shower for her new whippet. I'm thinking of crocheting a little toy for it. There will be tea and cake and laffs aplenty. Then HL and I will repair to a local poofpub for further refreshments.

Sometimes, the cosmos restores the balance of suck to ruleness
Update: the meeting sucked, the party was shite, the cosmos laughed

Get well soon, Dame Elton

Gotta make a move to a town that's right for me
Town to keep me movin' keep me groovin' with some energy

So sang Lipps Inc in 1979, and there's a lesson for us all in those words. And so it is time for me also to move on. Not towns, but offices (see the lame link there? I just wanted to sing "Funkytown", OK?). For yea, verily, this time next week, I shall be installed in my swanky new office, several yards away from my manky old office.
Update: I am now in my new office and I farkin well LOVE it!
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